5 ways to get a paid internship at top companies

Getting internships can be extremely different let alone finding a paid internship and that too at some of the top companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, etc. Most people, dream of working at these companies may be as an intern or even as a full time employee but rarely succeed. However, it is certainly not impossible if you correctly know how to get a one.

In this post, I would be telling you some tips and trick which you may apply to successfully get an internship at your favorite organisation. And not just any internship but a fully paid one so that you actually can benefit from it.

What is an Internship?

what is an internship?

Internship, by definition, means a training period of working where you are not a full time employee but rather are willingly working to gain experience and hands on experience in the real world.

Internships are generally free because in that internship period you are learning how things work and for training you in all the work the company has to spend its resources. So, particularly, it is you who is gaining and not the company because your output is much less than the input of the company on you.

What are Paid Internships?

A paid internship is a type of internship where you are paid for all your work though not a very high sum. It is a way of recognizing your efforts and commitment that you have put for the company. Not all companies pay you as an intern but some large MNCs such as Google and Amazon do reward you for your work during the internship.

Paid Internships also help companies to retain the intern even after the training period is complete. If the company feels that you may prove to be a really good employee for it then it may offer you a full fledged contract as soon as your internship ends.

Why Internships are important?

why internships are important?
  • Hands on Experience

Internships give an opportunity to apply every thing you have learned in your college. You get a taste of how things really work in the corporate world and not merely theoretical knowledge. You interact with experienced professionals and get an opportunity to learn from them. So its a win-win situation for both you and the company.

  • Earning Opportunity

Paid internships also give a chance to earn while you learn. Companies will pay you to learn how things work.

  • Resume Checklist

Internships also add weight to your resume and CV. An internship certificate will help any recruiting company to know that you already have some experience of work and has they would not have to work on you from scratch.

How to get a Paid internship at Google or Amazon?

How to get internship at google

We have already talked about what internships mean and why is it important. The main point now is that how you can get an internship at Google or Amazon or Facebook or at another MNC. Well there are certain tips that you can follow to secure an internship.

Tip #1: Have Good Academics

Companies certainly look at your academics while they shortlist candidates for internships. So ensure that you have good academic history. For this it is important that you take your college study seriously. Try to maintain a CGPA of 8.5 and above. This will help you to qualify for the basic screening round.

A good academic will certainly give you a lead as compared to others. However, this does not mean that you just have to study all the time. Just try to maintain the minimum requirement.

Tip #2 : Extra-Curriculars are important

No doubt that academics are important but so are co-curriculars. You have to participate in a lot of activities to build a good resume.

Your resume should have achievements and participation from all domains. Companies look for people who are all-rounder. Attend hackathons, debate competition, take leading roles in fests and be part of clubs and societies. Get as much exposure as possible. This will help you to improve communication skills, personality development and managerial ability.

If you want to know more about what skills are necessary, then read our post on ‘ Best Skills to learn‘.

Tip #3: Put Your Network to Work

Networking is important in every field. To get internship, you will have to approach people and for this you need a good network.

You can approach the HR of a company you want to intern in through linkedin or just get a referral from any of your known at a good position. It is unlikely that you will get an internship at such high profile companies if you are not from a good college. In such a situation. a good network is important.

Tip #4: Apply at the right place

Once you are done with all the above suggested things, the next thing is to apply for an internship. Now, it is important to apply at the right place. There are many websites that claim to give you an internship. However, most of them are not genuine.

You can, however, directly apply for internships at different companies. Nowadays most companies have a dedicated department for handling interns and offering internship.

If you want to apply for a Google internship you can check out this: Google Internship

For internships at Amazon: Amazon Internship

For internships at Microsoft: Microsoft Internship

Tip #5: Wait and Hope for the Best

Well, you don’t always get success. Once you have applied for the paid internship, hope that you get selected because that’s what you can do. There are numerous students applying for internships at these top companies. However, if you have achieved all the above tips than you surely have a good chance of getting selected.

However, don’t quit if you don’t get an internship at first. Continue applying at other places, try to network with more people, participate and learn more skills and ultimately you would surely secure a paid internship at any of the top company.


Paid Internships are great if you are student. You learn how things work and earn at the same time. You develop into a better person. However, it does not guarantee a permanent employment. If your aim is just to earn then their are plenty of other ways of doing this is. Try to build skills and work hard, so that even if you don’t get a paid internship, you would be better then previously.

5 Ways to Get a Paid Internship at Top Companies

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