6 Highly Rewarding New Age Careers You Should Aim at

With the advent of the so called modern world, the career opportunities have changed radically. A decade ago, only doctors and engineers were considered as highly rewarding as well as respectable jobs and most people aimed only on these.

However, the situation has changed today with tons of new opportunities in every field. No single field is considered to be superior. The world has moved from conventional careers to the new age careers which are much more satisfying both in terms of monetary compensation as well as the work-life balance.

There are a lot of ‘new age careers’ which you look for but some of them are extremely good. But disappointingly, people tend to neglect these, just because of lack of awareness. In this post, I would be discussing, the 6 highly rewarding new age careers which you just can’t afford to ignore.

1. Ethical Hacking as a Career

ethical hacking as a new age career

Data is the most powerful and valuable asset in today’s time. All companies, be it Google, Amazon, Microsoft or any other company rely on user data heavily. But just as there is risk of theft to your physical possessions, data is also at the risk of theft. However, if your possessions are robbed only you would be affected but in case of data, a single data breach can make millions of people vulnerable to exploitation.

Ethical hackers, in such case act guards to your data, protecting it from any kind of misuse. They protect your data from being stolen and misused by black-hat hackers. Any company which holds a good amount of public data also attracts a lot of cyber attacks from hackers who are trying get a hold of this data. Enters Ethical Hacker. Ethical hackers usually expose all the vulnerabilities in the system at the time of testing itself.

The job of ethical hacker, is to hack but with a good intend. He would try to breach the security layer, in order to point out the faults in the system which might otherwise be used by malicious hackers at the time of a real cyber attack. Since, the number of cyber attacks have grown multi-fold, so has the opportunities for ethical hackers. Hence, Ethical Hacking could be a very lucrative new age career for people.

You can read the article by edureka.co on ‘Ethical Hacking Career‘ to know how you can make a career in ethical hacking.

2. Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing as a new age career

“The internet is becoming a town square for the global village of tomorrow”–Bill Gates.

With billions of people using internet the scope for all internet based services have increased magnificently. Gone are the days when people used to visit physical stores to shop things. Today, most of us prefer to shop through online stores, where we have flexibility of time, budget and choice. Goods are delivered to our doorsteps instead of we going to the shop to pick it.

Well, but there are numerous sellers and how can one ensure that his business or company succeeds. The answer is Digital Marketing. Have you noticed if you go the online store and search for mobile phone? After that, everywhere you surf online either google, Facebook or even email that product is displayed. This is the job of a digital marketer.

Digital marketers have to do the cliche job of marketing but with tweak of internet as the medium. A digital marketer designs marketing campaigns according to the geography, user needs as well as your interests.

Digital Marketing as a new age career is evolving rapidly and this could be the best time ever to build a strong and successful presence in this domain. No matter what a company does, it needs to establish an online presence to promote its products and services.

A digital marketer develops strategies for marketing through social media, google AdWords etc. They optimise the reach of product in a cost effective way. Digital marketers must have an expert-level knowledge of e-commerce. The reach of digital marketing is so vast that it influences many people’s decision process.

Marketing skills are in serious demand especially digital marketing, in this digitized world where all our decisions and choices are influenced by what we see on the internet.It has been the buzzword in the Indian job market. This industry is expected to generate more than 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020. Hence the future of a career in this industry definitely looks promising.

You can refer to the amazing article by simplilearn.com on ‘Digital Marketing Career’ to learn more about it.

3. Blockchain Developer as a Career

With the Bitcoin revolution in 2008, blockchain technology has gained a lot of momentum in aspect of job prospects. Blockchain developers are now in great demand as more and more use of the blockchain technology is being discovered and applied in different industries.

The Blockchain is a spinoff of the data science branch where the data is stored in the form of blocks. These blocks are then connected with each other using cryptography. The data stored in the blocks cannot be used or accessed without the necessary authorization. This is a very complex and new-age technology, famous for creating cryptocurrencies and other important statistical documents. 

Blockchain developers are now getting high paid jobs in different domains like cryptocurrnecy development, data protection, and even online payment methods. A Blockchain Developer in India easily earns anything between 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs based on skills.

If you wish to know more about Blockchain developer, then you may checkout this amazing post by upgrad.com on ‘How to become a Blockchain Developer’.

4. Graphic Designing as a Career

Graphic designing as a new age career

You open your browser, type a query and open a related website. What is the first thing you see. Hopefully a great looking website with a beautiful design. Who do you think would have created this? Website Developer you say, true but not completely. It is the graphic designer who prepares all the design for any website.

Graphic Designing as a new age career is not restricted to web designing only. A graphic designer finds application almost everywhere. Graphic Designers combine art and technology to articulate their ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed pages. To achieve artistic or decorative effects, they use a variety of design elements. The work of a Graphic Designer is based on a variety of products and activities, such as advertising, websites, books, posters, magazines, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications, etc.

If you plan to make a career in it, I assure that you won’t regret. Graphic designers earn a handsome income on either monthly basis or more prominently on a project basis, where you can charge for every individual project. No matter what you chose, you will surely earn much more than any other of your counterparts in any other field. The best part is you actually don’t need any formal degree for being a graphic designer. If you have the skill, you can do the job.

5. AI & Machine Learning as a Career

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made its way in our lives and we all have felt its impact in some or the other way. You ask Alexa to play your favorite song, and so it does. You try to confuse the Google assistant by asking tricky question, and it does become confused, but when you try the same question next time, it most of the time is prepared with an answer. How does this happen?

Well, AI and machine learning are to be appreciated for this . The traction it has gained has made it an emerging career and a highly lucrative career opportunity. AI and machine learning are being implemented in all the possible fields. Tesla is using AI and machine learning to develop driverless cars, AI is used in camera technology for focus and post image processing and many such application of AI is underway.

AI would be the next big thing for sure, and if you are able to make a career in it, then you would too succeed. To know more you can checkout the article by simplilearn.com on the ‘How to start a career in AI & Machine Learning‘.

6. Freelancing as a Career

Well, this might come as a complete shock, but freelancing is a very promising new age career. Freelancing simply means working as per your will on individual projects. Now there a lot of advantages if you take freelancing as a career which I have discussed in one my previous post on freelancing.

But what makes freelancing stand out is the fact that the market for freelancing services is booming rapidly. More than 1 million freelancers are working today. And the number of people seeking such services is much more than this.

You can offer any other skill and service as a freelancer. If you are a graphic designer you can do freelance graphic designing, if you are a data scientist, well, you will have multiple freelance tasks at hand if you enter the market, and even if you are a blockchain developer you will surely find people looking for blockchain developers for their work.

So, freelancing is an all pervasive and an evergreen career, that too in today’s world where you can take up projects remotely from any part of the world. If you wish to Know more about freelancing, read our post on ‘Must read tips to Start your Freelancing Career‘.


Listed above are some of the best new age careers which you should surely aim at if you wish to build a strong career with high earnings. You can map your interests and explore all of these options and then select the one which suits you best.

Conventional careers are in no way less but they have become highly populated with much more people looking for such opportunities but much less jobs. New age careers on the other hand still have a lot of potential with much more opportunities and much less competition. Hence, the chances for establishing a successful career in these new age careers is high.

6 Highly Rewarding New Age Careers Which You Should Aim At

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