7 Websites and apps to get internships as a student

Internships are a good way to use your free time productively and at the same time make some money as a student. Earning opportunities are limited mainly because they are still in the learning phase and aren’t ready to work in the world outside. This perception among employers restrict students for getting jobs even if part-time. Internships in such situation comes as a savior. However, getting internship is not easy at all, especially becuase everyone out there is trying to get one.

Most students don’t even know how to find internship opportunities. There are few ways you can try. A great place to find good and suitable internships is LinkedIn. However, opportunities there are limited and the chance of getting selected is low unless you are exceptional.

However, there are a few apps which connect people and organisations seeking interns and students looking or internship. So, in this post we would be discussing about 7 Websites & Apps to Get Internships as a Student. Let’s begin.

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student

1. Internshala

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: Internshala

Internshala is perhaps the most known name on this list. Internshala is India’s Biggest Internship Platform working on mission to equip students with relevant skills and exposure by providing internships. Students can choose companies for internships by filtering out between category, Location, Form of work and Duration.

The organisations offering internships range from early startups to big MNCs. To get an internship you have to apply to the concerned internship. For this you have to create a resume on the app itself. Then you can apply. Internship opportunities are available for a variety of roles such as content writing, app development, web development, marketing, etc.

Applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their resume and then interviewed or directly given internship. The perks vary from certificate of recommendation, stipend, goodies to full time job opportunity.

Along with internship opportunities Internshala is also providing online courses and training programs for the students.

For more details visit :https://internshala.com/

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2. Twenty19

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: twenty19

Twenty19 brings students and companies on a single platform for projects, internships, volunteering opportunities etc. This platform also provide an opportunity for students to have there personal profiles which they share with corporate companies to select. By doing this they enhance the quality of interns to the companies.

This portal is free of cost for the students as well as colleges. On Twenty19 colleges can also list out there events. Now twenty19 also started with online training programs for students to improve their skills.

For more details visit us:http://www.twenty19.com/

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3. Internworld

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: internworld

InternWorld is one of the largest internships website in India which provide internships, freelance jobs , part time jobs and also full time opportunities along with some useful information on interviews and placements. With its PAN India presence Internworld offer wide range opportunities all across the country. It also help students in nurturing their skills by conducting workshops with industry experts.

They also provide live projects and also virtual internships where students can work from their home but still can gain the necessary exposure and gain skills.

For more details visit:-http://www.internworld.in/index.aspx

4. LinkedIn

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: linkedin

LinkedIn, among other internship websites, is a very famous community of professional networks which is known for providing the best jobs. It is an excellent site to network, and meet newer professionals in the sector you want to work in. This company connects working professionals on a single platform and allows them to communicate in a professional manner. On this website, you can post jobs or even apply for them. However, what most people don’t know is that this website also allows people to apply for internships.

LinkedIn has some of the best opportunities if you have the necessary skills people want. Not only can you earn internships but if you perform and over-perform then you would have a chance to bag a full fledged job.

For more details visit: https://www.linkedin.com

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5. LetsIntern

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: letsintern

If you are interested to work in startups as intern then Letsintern is for you. Letsintern provide internship opportunities to students in companies of all the scales.

LetsIntern is working hard to create and improve an industry-student interactive platform. This website exposes students to some of the best internships from a number of large organizations like Tencent, the Indian Express, and Comic-Con India. The website enables employers and students to register in a similar process, which enables better communication between organizations and their interns. They also have a blog where they post tips on their blogs for better education of the students. Over 4 million students across the globe use this site, and 30000 organizations, the website is a great platform to find internships.

With 4 million student base globally, letsintern helps students to find internship opportunities of all types such as Internships, Visual Internships, Brand Evangelists, Volunteers, Campus Ambassador and also Full time jobs.

For more details visit: http://www.letsintern.com/

6. stuMagz Platform

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: stumagz

As a student, fresher or alumni, the Opportunities wing of StuMagz is an excellent choice for you. This is a Digital Campus Discovery Platform based out of Hyderabad which was founded in 2015. You can find both tech and non-tech internships here. The site offers a great way to build your profile. The user interface is great and easy to use. With the reach of 500+ colleges, stuMagz serves as the platform for brands to reach out to a talented pool of students.

If you are a student, fresher or an alumni looking for any career opportunities, right from internships to full time employment, then the Opportunities wing of stuMagz is for you. You find multiple opportunities and can apply for desired one from all the types of tech and non tech opportunities.

To get best opportunity notifications, get your skills verified that helps you in completing the selection process at the earliest, moreover build your best and unique profile in few minutes.

With the reach of 500+ colleges, stuMagz serves as the platform for brands to reach out to talented pool of students.

For more details, visit: https://www.stumagz.com/in/discover



7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student: Hellointern

Hello Intern is a great platform which is regarded as the global internship expert. This website allows students to apply for various internships with companies, startups, and non-profit organizations. Some of the major opportunities which are provided by this website include Zee Media, Vivo, Titan, Decathlon, Citrus, and many other companies. There is also a very interesting global internship program which is offered by this platform.

The internships at this portal range from a number of different fields and domains. There are also many training programs which one can enroll in to learn new skills and new topics. Currently, there is also a summer internship program going on. To begin your internship search on this platform you just have to sign up and start looking.

This website has a lot of resources for people who are just starting out, so it’s not just a funny word. You may opt to volunteer for large corporations, startups, or non-profit organizations.

Find out more on: https://www.hellointern.com/

7 Websites & Apps To Get Internships As A Student

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