Best Cryptocurrencies For Investment

Cryptocurrencies all around the world is emerging as a favorite investment option, thanks to Elon Musk for his love for Dodge coin and also because of the numerous rags to riches stories which have started surfacing. Now, there are numerous altcoins out there on the internet. This makes it extremely difficult for a newbie to decide the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and at the same time keep distance from the popular pump and dump schemes which may cause immense harm to one’s wealth.

So, the agenda of this post is clear, to tell you the best cryptocurrencies to invest into and teach you how to make money from it.

Top 3 High Profit Cryptocurrencies

A good place to start is to know which are the top 3 cryptocurrencies which have been out there for a long time and have been more or less profitable.

  • Bitcoin

Well, no points for guessing the first one on the list. Of course it’s the moon of everyone’s eye, the big daddy of all the cryptocurrencies, yup it’s the Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency to come up and has ever since been the torch bearer of the crypto-race. It started out modestly but within past three 2 years or so it has grown as much as 1000%. Currently its trading somewhere in the bracket of $35,000 to $50,000 and is well expected to touch the $100,000 mark since Elon Musk has announced his investment intentions in it.

However, the main drawback of Bitcoin is its high price which makes it less profitable to start with as a cryto-investment. The returns would be marginal if you aren’t investing a hefty amount.

  • Ethereum

Next in the line is Ethereum. Ethereum is an open source block chain software and is the base of most of the crypto-wallets. It is also used to create Non-Fungible Tokens which is an altogether new domain in the crpto-world.

The Ethereum coin has been growing rapidly and consistently over the years and the best part lies in its future prospect. It is expected to even grow manifold due to the rapid influx of new people in the crypto-ecosystem and because of the increasing number of software which are using the ethereum block chain for their source code.

The Ethereum has always been a favorite for investors due its actual functionality unlike the Bitcoin. It floats in a modest price bracket of $2500 ti $3000 dollars and could be a good place to start your cryptocurrency investment journey.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency started by a former Google and Coinbase employee in 2011. You may think of it as a spin off to the Bitcoin with better utility.

The price of Litecoin is currently hovering around $220 to $270 and is a considerable choice to invest. Litecoin prediction has never been easy due to its fluctuating price. In the past few years it has been a roller coaster ride for Litecoin investors. However, in general the Litecoin saga has been a profitable one.

One key thing to take note of is the supply of Litecoin. Whiel the Bitcoin has a cap on its maximum supply there is no such cap on Litecoin. This means that there can be any number of Litecoins in the market. Also the greater speed of transactions in case of Litecoin means that more number of Litecoins would be mined in case of a Litecoin transaction.

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Best Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy

Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy

Well, as we have seen the top cryptocurrencies, let’s turn our attention towards the main topic of discussion. The question still remains unanswered, ‘which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in?’ Well the answer is quite obvious, if you want a safe investment with minimum risk, you can invest in any of the top cryptocurrency. Also if you are looking ways to make passive income, where you don’t have to bother much, then you check out our post on 8 Best Passive Income Ideas to earn $5000 per month‘.

But if you belong to that group of peple who are willing and capable of taking risk for much better results, then here is your answer..

  • Bittorent Coin

The best possible option for investing at the moment is Bittorent coin. A hihly usable coin with a much low price, Bittorent could prove to be your most successful and best bid.

It’s currently very cheap and that’s its beauty. You may a buy large number of coins and even a slightest change in price can make you an overnight millionaire. Bittorent is a platform which provides to transfer files and for this you may use the bittorent coin.

You may buy it as a part of your long term investment strategy and in the long run its quite expected to be a multi-baggier. So, if you have not much to start with you can try your luck on the Bittorent coin and see if it works out for you.

  • BAT

Most of you might not be familiar with BAT. well, it has an interesting story. BAT is an altcoin which belongs to the Brave browser. Never heard of Brave, poor you, start using it.

Brave is a web browser similar to Google Chrome but it has a lot of features to block ads and maintain your privacy. And you know what is funny, even Google Chrome’s source code is based on Brave.

As an initiative, the Brave awards you the BAT each time you accept to watch an advertisement. And, this BAT can even be used to tip your favorite content creators or to the writers of blogs which you find useful. However, in the recent time BAT has moved a long way from being just a free reward to now being one of the best crypto-investments.

BAT can undoubtedly be a great investment because of a certainty element it carries. Well, in the last couple of months, BAT has shown exponential rise and will continue this run. It has helped many to become rich and could even help you. And the best part is that, it is still in the reach of most people with its low price.

  • Dodge Coin

This might be a controversial one, the Dodge coin which proudly carries the doggy meme, is another cryptocurrency worth looking. Started just as a joke, the Dodge coin has come a long way, and the person who is to be credited is non other than the messiah himself, Elon Musk, who declared Doge Coin as people’s currency.

The Dodge coin in itself does not carry any utility. You are literally investing your hard earned money on a doggy meme. But that does not mean that it can make you rich.

In today’s digital world anything can happen and so did happen with Dodge coin. Due to Elon Musk’s frequent tweets about the Dodge coin, its price shot up by more than a 1000%. Now, I don’t really recommend to hold on the Dodge Coin as a long term investment but rather you can try your luck on it and make some quick bucks. It is even expected that the Dodge Coin might touch the $1 mark by the end of the next year. And you would certainly like it to do that if you are a Dodge Coin owner.


The world of cryptocurrency is quite fascinating and brings numerous opportunities to earn. However, you must plan strategically and research carefully before investing in any cryptocurrency. Because while the handful of rags to riches stories are known to most, only a few people know about the devastating impact that the crypto-investment has brought to many. The best way to ensure safety as well as growth at the same time is to invest only that much amount which you can afford to lose

Best Cryptocurrencies for investment in 2022

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