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In the modern era where the machines and robots are continuously displacing people from their jobs, it becomes immensely necessary to work on and inculcate some necessary skills that would put you forth in the job race and also develop and add value to your profile.

But the question arises, ‘what skills to learn?’. This is a genuine question as to there are numerous possible skills which one can look up to. So, this post comes as a savior to guide you about the best skills to learn that would help you in career growth.

  • Digital Marketing

Well lets starts with the most common and yet most crucial skill in today’s time, Digital Marketing. But what digital marketing is? Well to put it simply, it is to learn the tricks of the internet, socialise with customers, promoting your products through online advertisement and similar stuff.

Internet marketing or Digital marketing services are mainly based on leveraging your social links on the internet to sell products and services. Now, I need not tell that how important such a skill can be in this digitized world. You must have heard people saying that the coming time would be all about internet. But they are absolutely wrong!! Today’s time itself is all about internet.

You would find a Marketing department in every company and the bigger companies even have a separate department to handle their internet presence called the Digital Marketing Department. So, if you could master thus skill, you would surely have a placement offer in hand.

And you know what’s the best part of it, you can even use some of the things learnt in Digital Marketing to create your own personal brand or to kick start your entrepreneurial journey.

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  • Fundamentals of Stock Markets

This might seem quite obvious but learning the basics of stock markets can really help you prosper and multiply your wealth numerous times. Knowing the in and out of stock markets not only adds a badge to your portfolio but also keeps you ahead of the crowd.

One mistake which many people do is to be indifferent and aloof to the idea of investing in stock markets or even knowing anything about it. It is usually depicted as a sinful lust and greed that ends a persons life. But that’s not entirely true. Just to make sure that you actually don’t lose everything, you must learn about the basics of share markets.

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  • Public Speaking

Back to basics, finding Public speaking skills on the list might not have blown your mind but this is a must learn skill no matter where you fall on the spectrum of line. The need for this has been sufficiently reiterated in numerous self help books and movies.

Not only public speaking helps you to put forth your ideas clearly and confidently, it also imposes a kind of hidden superiority and authority upon others which make them believe in everything you say.

It adds stars to your personality, makes it easier for you to crack any interview or GD, and also increases your chances of success. According to a scientific report, 89% of the top positions in all the companies are held by individuals who have great speaking skills even when some of them might not be as qualified for the post as others. So don’t forget to sharpen this aspect of your skill profile.

Public speaking is even much more crucial in case you want to start your own business or are hoping to get to a senior position in your existing company. Read our post on ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur‘ and ‘How to Become a CEO’ to get more insights on these topics.

  • Youtube and Podcasting

Many people might not agree to accept Youtube and even podcasting as a skill. However, these two have emerged as some of the most rewarding skills of this decade.

You may think that starting a Youtube channel or even a podcast for that matter does not require any skill. But what many people don’t know is the game behind these two creative yet business embedded skills. I agree starting a Youtube channel might not be difficult at all, but growing it, creating and attracting viewers, building trust, brand image and a community is certainly a great task.

Similarly, starting a Podcast is easy but how do you convince people to listen to what you have to say when there are much more successful and known people telling their stories. Podcasting and Youtube may be difficult to begin with but the rewards are worth taking the pain.

Once you begin to grow, you will have numerous brand deals and even Adsense money which you can enjoy. But wait,’what if you fail?’. What if you can’t make it big? well, even then this experience would certainly add value to you in terms of boosting your confidence, improving your communication skills and it will even teach you some of the marketing skills. So, it is worth considering.

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  • Blogging

Well, no prize for guessing the last one, Blogging of course. Blogging is that kind of skill which must be in your skill profile even if just for the sake of showoff.

Blogging basically refers to a medium of expressing your thoughts and ideas out on the internet for everyone to see. If you do blogging, you simply write various pieces of writing on topics which interests you, similar to what I am doing.

Now, there are numerous benefits of learning blogging. Let’s start with the basic ones, Blogging helps you to attain a clarity in your speech and writing. It also helps to get a grip over a language and additionally increases you knowledge as you research about various things on which you write.

Moving to some of its advance objectives, Blogging helps you to develop a kind of consciousness of how the website ranking system or for that purpose how the entire internet works. You gain experience about SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the system which helps to rank websites on the search results. Also, there is earning prospect attached to blogging which makes it a viable choice.

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Learning different skills and exploring is always useful for an individual because it helps in expanding one’s view of the world. You may chose any skill of your choice to learn but certain factors such as scope, economic viability, demand, and utility must be kept in mind before choosing. Also, its better if you can do certificate courses as it provides a proof of your learning.

Best Skills to Learn in 2022

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