How to Become a social media influencer

Influencer maketing has become a burning topic for the past few years mainly because of the exponential rise in number of internet users. This type of marketing continues to grow as a real and effective way of advertising and keeping your audience engaged in order to make a profit. Today, there are over 3.7 billion social media users and the influencer marketing industry is worth an impressive $5 billion!

As social media platforms continue to fine-tune their offerings according to people’s interests and preferences, an increasing number of users are engaging with them, creating a mammoth pool of potential advocates for marketers to tap into. With this evolution of social media, businesses have access to an ever larger audience and highly targeted demographics.

  • They can stay current and relevant with new developments with their audience
  • And businesses can see exactly which leads and conversions are coming from their social media efforts.

Passion and creativity are fundamental to being a social media influencer, but it is also important to know how to create a lasting relationship with the audience. There are many nuances of being a social media influencer that are only captured by learning the best practices and gaining knowledge.

So, if you too are looking to make a career as a Social Media Influencer, then follow this comprehensive guide.

1. Pick Up a Niche

Before you do anything else, you first need to select a right niche for yourself. This is must else you will have a hard time to attract and engage audience.

Your niche must be something you know very well about, you are interested in and can create tons of content on the same. While trying to choosing a niche, you should first try to list atleast 50 content ideas on the same niche that people would like to see. If you are not able to think atleast 50 ideas then immediately drop that niche and look for something else.

This is so, because you would not want to be in a situation where after posting content for sometime, you run out of ideas and topics. This would severely affect the quality of your content and your personal brand as well.

The more targeted your niche is, the better it is. Micro-niches attract and engage very targeted audience and this would increase your conversion rate for things your endorse.

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2. Target a Particular Platform

As a social media influencer, there are tons of different channels that you can use, including:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tik-Tok, and more
How To Become A Social Media Influencer: Choose the right platform

Before you begin your campaign to become a social media influencer, you need to get your presence on the profiles you choose. It is best to choose only one or two platforms atmost, so that you can put focused efforts.

Multiple factors need to be considered while choosing the platform including the type of content you would be posting, the type of audience you are targeting, growth opportunities, brand collaborations and much more.

Once you have decided on the platform, you must optimise your profile. For this you can do the following things:

Switch to a Business Account

If you intend to become an influencer, you need to switch to a business account as that opens up a lot more options. Most platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have the option to create a business account in the profile settings.

Create an Engaging Bio

Your bio is the first thing someone sees when they visit your profile and is therefore an important part of making a great first impression. Your bio should be able to tell your story in an engaging manner. It should also provide all pertinent information about you like your full name, location, contact details, and areas of expertise. 

Add a Profile Pic and Cover Photo

You also need to add a profile pic and a cover photo for your profile as they are also important components of your personal brand identity. People often recognise a social media profile by the profile picture, so you need to carefully select a picture. Also, make sure that your face is clearly visible and the picture quality is good.

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3. Plan Your Content Strategy

The most integral part of succeeding as a Social Media influencer lies in consistency and for being consistent, the time you spend on thing must be reduced while the time you spend on the execution of your content should be magnified as much as possible.

This consistency, however, is only possible when you plan in advance your content strategy and make a content calendar.

How To Become A Social Media Influencer: Develop a content strategy

Below are a few tips to help you develop an effective content calendar for your social media influencer marketing strategy:

  • Create and give away high-quality content that’s packed full of value
  • Plan your content marketing strategy for social media by mapping out your goals and the type of content that works best to help you achieve them.
  • Decide on a posting frequency on each social media platform
  • Choose the best times to post your content where you are likely to get the most engagement from your audience.
  • Choose the right social media management tools to develop your calendar. Or you can create your own Excel-based calendar.
  • Fill up your calendar with a variety of content formats, topics, types of posts, etc. Include information on the sites where you’ll post the content, along with times and dates.
  • Finally, you can schedule your posts. This is different from creating a content calendar because this process involves actually setting up the queue for your content to get posted on social media at preset times using automated tools like Buffer.

4. Engage With Audience

As a Social Media Influencer, your entire jobs revolves around engaging with your audience, adding value in some form, and connecting with them in the best possible manner.

You would post content and would then get likes, comments, suggestions, criticism, and praises. Your job is to take all equally. You must respond to queries that are relevant to your niche and post, thank people for their suggestions and praises and assure your audience that you would improve as suggested by their criticism.

Another way to engage with your audience is to ask them a question and start a conversation about a topic of mutual interest. Interactions like these help build personal connections with your audience and solidify your position as an influencer.

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5. Collaborate with Other Influencers

One of the best ways to kick start your influencer career is to collaborate with other influencers from your niche or those relevant to your audience.

Collaborating helps you to get much more traffic. Influencers on social media have a huge reach that often extends to the millions, and working with them can help expose your content to a massive brand-new audience and drive even more traffic to your profiles.

There are many different ways you can work with influencers in your niche.

One way is to pay them to promote your content or products. But, this can be hard when you are just starting out.

Engaging organically might be the best and most effective way to help you build your own audience. To do this, simply ask them to share your post anytime you publish something that’s share-worthy.

To boost your chances of success when using this strategy, you can feature influencers in your content by covering their stories, doing interviews, or creating expert roundup articles. Then, tag them when you share the post and the influencers are likely to want to share it with their own networks.

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6. Be Brand Promotion Friendly

The final step towards your quest to becoming an influencer is to announce it to the world. You need to come out and declare yourself as an influencer who is interested in brand collaborations.

You can do this by writing in your bio that you’re an influencer and are interested in collaborations and also provide contact details for potential clients, giving them an easy way to connect with you.

Another way to do this is by doing your own outreach and messaging relevant brands with a pitch on what you can offer. It is best to design an outreach template that you can use to reach out to different brands, as that can save you a lot of time. 

How To Become A Social Media Influencer: Br brand promotion friendly

To find influencers on YouTube, brands might conduct Google searches for relevant influencers in the niche. For instance, they might google “top YouTube accounts for [niche]”, or something like that, for influencers on Instagram, brands might use a tool like Iconosquare, an analytics tracker that helps them see how relevant and engaged a particular influencer’s audience is. Alternatively, they could search for relevant hashtags on the platform to see which accounts pop up that have the best engagement rates.

On Twitter, they might use the advanced search tool, and on Facebook, they could search for the admins of groups with high engagement rates. No matter where brands find you, make it as easy as possible for them to contact you by making sure your contact information is clear and visible.

Write a compelling bio that announces to brands that you are an influencer and that you are open to collaborations. If potential clients have to search for ways to contact you, it’s likely that they will give up and go with a different influencer.

The Bottom Line

These are tried and tested expert tips that you can use to become an influencer in your domain. Follow these steps and give it time and you will definitely see the desired results.

Remember that it is a process that takes time and effort to yield results. So, you can’t expect to become an influencer overnight. However, if you keep following these tips, you can become an influencer and start making money online.

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How To Become A Social Media Influencer: The Complete Guide

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