How to choose the right career for yourself

Choosing what you would do further in your life is perhaps the most difficult of all choices. Afterall your entire life trajectory will be decided by your choice of your career. So, how to find a career that suits your skills and choices? How to differentiate between mere fancies and serious career paths? Most importantly, How to choose the right career for yourself?

Well, this post is just for that, to help you decide and evaluate the right career path for yourself. Before we begin to talk some serious business, let me make it outright clear that there is no such thing like an ideal career or a hundred percent perfect career for one. Your career is decided by a lot of factors some in your control and most out of your hand. So, really can’t help it if your career steers in some other direction then what you expected.

However, if you have a clear idea of what you would like your career look like, you could make conscious efforts towards achieving it rather than just letting the destiny do its job. With this let’s look at some ways that can help in finding the right career for yourself.

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Know ‘Who You are?’

How to choose the right career for yourself: Know who you are

Think who you are, what are your interests, what are your strengths and weaknesses and what you really enjoy doing. Being self aware is a good place to start in your voyage for finding the right career path.

You may ask yourself the following questions to know more about yourself:

  • What subjects did I like studying in school or college, that were more than any compulsion but true interests? Why did I like it? Is it because it was too easy to score marks or because I just like the teacher or was it the fun class environment that I enjoyed?
  • What have others told me about my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Am I more of a creative person or do I enjoy logics and numbers?
  • What would be that one thing I would love to do my entirely life even if it lacks the monetary compensation?

Asking these questions would help you to get a picture of who you really are. You may also take up other self-assessment activities.

Take one of these online career personality tests to find out more about your personal qualities and strengths. Also known as career aptitude tests or self-assessment tests, they can help you make career choices based on your personal traits, or qualities.

Do a SWOT analysis. All you need is a pen, paper and a willingness to be honest about yourself. Don’t worry, no-one else is going to see the results of this exercise, just you! Use your SWOT analysis to figure out your current strengths, weaknesses, threats to your goals and opportunities you can reach out and grab if you put your mind to it.

Once you’ve had a good think about your skills and interests, make a list of all the careers you think could be a good match. Remember, there are lots more careers that could be a good match that you haven’t thought of yet!

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List Down Your Long-Term & Short-Term Goals

Defining your vision for the next couple of years as well as for the next ten or twenty years would surely help you.

To make your top career choice a reality, what are you going to work towards in the next few months? And in the next few years?

Create a document or spreadsheet. List down all the steps you can take to achieve your goals – and add a date you’d like to achieve them by. Is there a grade you want to get on a school project or exam? A course you’d like to research? An hour you’d like to spend finding online interviews with people doing your dream job? Your goals can be small or large. They can be achieved this evening or next year – but they must be achievable.

Create your list of achievable goals, add do-by dates, and you’ve taken a big step to not only choosing a career but setting your dream in motion.

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Create a list of 2-3 Careers You Really Want to Work In

Now having self assessed yourself and listing your goals both long-term and short-trm you redy to narrow down your choices.

Hit the internet to find career paths that align with you interests, goals and strengths. Ask google about what careers require analytical skills with a BMS qualification, if your strength lies in it, and look for possible choices. You can do the same with any of your strengths and interests.

Make a short list of just 2-3 careers which you would like to work in. Do proper research about them. Connect with people working in those industries to find out how is life working in so and so industry. Look out for both the pros and cons of the job and most importantly, will it be helpful in your growth. If a careers fills all the check boxes, shortlist it.

Do remember, there is no career which is easy or effortless. You would have to struggle and make your way forward all by yourself in any field. So, don’t choose something just because it looks easy.

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Get on some Hands-on Experience

What better way would be to know if a particular job suits you than trying it all by yourself.

Internships provide you with an excellent opportunity to lay the foundation of your career. The experience of actually working in the real world is something that you should never ignore. Working as an intern helps you find out how being in a particular job feels like, whether the work environment is up to your taste and how you get along with people in the workplace.

Internships are also highly recommended for building connections with professionals and gaining work experience that can add extra weight to a resume.

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The Bottom Line

Never forget – if you’ve got the interest, you can build the skills and qualifications.

There’s no one set path to a career destination, whatever careers you choose. We always list multiple career paths in all the career ideas we offer. You can go to university. You can start in a junior job and work your way up. And you can get apprenticeships for almost any career you can think of. It’s all about finding the right apprenticeship for you.

Your skills and interests could be a great match for all kinds of careers – even some you haven’t heard of yet. What’s important is figuring out a range of careers that excites you.

How to choose the right career for yourself ?

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