As a student you are always on an expedition of finding ‘How to earn money’ easily while you study so that you can become financially independent, party as you wish, buy all your favorite stuff and enjoy your student life to the fullest.

Disappointingly, most students are not able to find their way into the money making business. Either they try in a desultory manner or many a times end up in some kind of call center or data entry jobs which aggravate their condition further.

So what to do? How to find a correct and genuine way of making money? Well don’t you worry about that, I am here to help with this. In this post we are going to discuss about ‘How to earn money as a student in India’ but don’t be upset after reading India in the title because the ways which I would be discussing are applicable anywhere and everywhere.

Best Ways to Make Money Online for Students

Lets begin with the best ways of making money online. Internet provides a plethora of opportunities for you to earn and grow. It totally depends upon you as to how you utilize these opportunities.

Following are the best ways of making money online:

  • Freelancing
  • Paid Internships
  • Passive income sources
  • Earn money online through apps
  • Earn money online through games

Let us discuss all these ways one by one in detail…


Earn money - Freelancing
Earn Money – Freelancing

Freelancing is probably the best way of earning money if you are a student. Freelancing means taking up individual projects and completing them as per the clients requirements. You may think of it as a part time job where you are the boss.

Freelancing not only provides you with a great earning potential but also enhances your skills. It provides you with flexible working hours, so you can work as you please.

There are a number of websites such as upwork offering freelancing jobs. However, it is necessary for you to be very attentive while picking up a project. You must take note of all the client requirements, deadline, remuneration and then only nod for any project.

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Paid Internships

Earn Money - Paid Internships
Earn Money – Paid Internships

Similar to freelancing are paid internships…

Paid internships means that you work as an intern in an organisation learning about how things function, acquiring skills and expertise and at the same time making some money.

If you have a lot of free time and are willing to explore then you can apply for a paid internship. What makes it different from freelancing is the fact that it is very much similar to a full time job or even more. As a trainee you have to be available at all times the company needs you. You don;t have much freedom and flexibility.

However, Internships are great as they add value to your profile. They also help you to get a permanent job after your studies are completed.

You can find an internship or rather a paid internship using a lot of platforms. Also be mindful of the fact that there are unpaid internships as well. So carefully examine before you apply for one but if you take my advice go for any internship, be it paid or unpaid because at the end pf the day it will only help you.

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Passive Income

Passive income is very popular among students as they don’t need to put to much time and efforts to earn money from these passive income sources. You may think of it as ways of making money while you sleep in the words of Warren Buffet.

There are numerous passive income sources which are suitable for the students and they can undertake without any difficult. To get started with Passive income you can checkout our post on 8 Best Passive income ideas to Earn $5000 per month‘.

Best Apps to Earn Money in India

Talking of apps, there a lot of great apps that reward you for trivial activities. You may take up surveys or some quizzes, refer to others and earn money.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a great app for making money. And the Google stamp makes it much more reliable and genuine.

This is a simple app where the user can take various surveys and answer them to earn money or Google Rewards. The surveys generally are used for marketing purpose and the amount that you receive varies greatly from one survey to another. Also, the surveys are not unlimited, it might happen that you see two surveys in a day and not a single one in the entire month.

  • Brave Browser

Brave is a browser application quite similar to the Google Chrome apart from the fact that it helps you earn the BAT Token and blocks Ads.

Brave is an open source software which is very privacy centric. It blocks all kind of tracking by the websites and ads. It shows ads of its own after duely taking your permission for which it rewards you in form of BAT token.

This BAT Token can be withdrawn in any crypto wallet and then be converted into Dollars. And you know whats the best part – currently the BAT Token is hovering around $1.5 which is around Rs. 130.

  • Letyshop

Letyshop is another great app which instead of earning money directly saves money on your expenditure. It provides cash backs on shopping from any of the websites and you know what, the cash backs are really awesome. So, do give it a try.

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Best Games to Earn Money Online

In recent times the gaming industry has taken a great leap in terms of the fame that one gets and also the remunerations which one can earn. A variety of games have popped up in the market paying you to just play games. The games may vary greatly from simple fruit ninja game to much complex form such as the Call of Duty Tournaments, Free Fire Tournaments and the PUBG Tournaments which are frequently organised.

Here is a list of the best games for earning money online:

  • MPL

Mobile Premier League is an online gaming platform with monetary rewards. It has a bunch of games such as fantasy sports, fruit chop, chess, quiz and a lot more other simple games. It is a genuine company endorsed by Virat Kholi himself.

  • Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is your all-in-one gaming platform for people who love games, contests, trivia & everything entertainment similar to MPL. Here, you can earn paytm cash which you can then use to shop and even convert into real cash.

  • Loco

Loco is India’s leading live game streaming platform made in India for Indian gaming community. It has a lot of trivia games which are genuine and regular and so you can earn a good sum through Loco.


Making money online is a double sided sword because there are possibilities that you might end up in a scam or you might earn a handsome amount. You must be very careful while looking for jobs or internships online. Also, I would strongly recommend you not to rely on the apps or games that I mentioned, especially the games, because most of the times people loose much more than they earn.

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How to Earn Money as a Student in India

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