How To Study When You Don't Feel Like

“I don’t feel like it” is the favorite phrase a student uses when it comes to studying. And it genuinely happens. We all have days where we don’t feel like studying.Sometimes that feeling can last a whole week. You’re tired, a bit grumpy and just want to relax. 

Studying feels like unrewarding work most of the time. You feel like it has no immediate gratification. You’re not getting paid for studying. You don’t get any gifts for studying. That’s why you feel demotivated to study. The feeling sucks, I know. You could be a straight A student but sometimes you just don’t feel like studying. This post is going to help you to learn how to study even when you don’t want to.

Why study?

How To Study When You Don't Feel Like: Why Study

To do any task, the best thing is to remind oneself about the importance of that task. Feeling lazy to workout? Remind yourself about your body goals. Not want to go to work? Remember the growth opportunities and the pay you need. There are always reasons to do an important job. Don’t want to study?

Well, these reasons might help you:

1. You’re going to thank yourself later

Studying is rewarding. Think of all the times you were in a test or exam and desperately wished you could go back in time and beg your past self to study more. This tip can help you in your quest to find out how to study even when you don’t feel like it.

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2. Studying is your job

As a kid, you don’t have to worry about earning or shouldering heavy responsibilities. However, what you need to do is to study and study hard because that’s your job. Studying helps us to grow our brains with knowledge. Meeting others and interacting helps us to develop our communication skills and to meet our emotional needs.

3. All play and no work makes your life very dull indeed

Many of us want to be free to chill and hang out forever. I’ve been there, done that. Take it from me: it gets boring really fast. That’s why studying is so important. It gives your brain work to do. It improves your memory. It keeps your brain fit and ready to keep up with your tests and exams.

4. Studying keeps your knowledge fresh

Working out is for the body, but studying is for the brain. Being consistent with studying means that you are going to keep your knowledge super fresh. It’s going to be at the tip of your fingers.

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How to Study Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Fear not, because I am going to dispel your laziness and motivate you to study harder and smarter than ever before! Read on to find out what to do if you don’t feel like studying.

1. Set really small goals

How To Study When You Don't Feel Like: make small goals

When you don’t feel like studying, the best approach is to do the absolute least that you can. You know what they say: something is better than nothing. Using this method will help you to feel like you were productive for the day. Studying like this will even help you to slowly build momentum and start studying more.

2. Make it fun

Admit it: studying is boring most of the time. If you’re studying even when you don’t feel like it, it’s even more boring. It might be time to shake things up. Use colorful pens, highlighters, gel pens. It might also be time to bust out your calligraphy skills. Doodle relevant pictures for information. Make up mnemonics for hard stuff. Tell yourself jokes based on the notes you’re reading. This can really help you to figure out what to do when you don’t feel like studying.

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3. Take breaks

Hunching over your notes for hours is not ideal. It’s time to take breaks. You can set timers to stop yourself from studying yourself into a headache, or worse, back pain. You can get up and stretch once in a while. Organize some snacks to have in your break. You can also listen to some music and close your eyes for a while. This will help to make your studying more bearable.

4. Create a study routine

Number #4 on how to study even when you don’t feel like it: Create a study routine. Humans need routine in their lives. It’s easier to be more efficient if you create a routine for yourself. Set out a particular time for your studying. Decide what you will do before studying and after. It might take a while to cement the routine into your life, but being consistent will help you to get into routine. Soon, you will be carrying out your routine on auto-pilot. Studying will become so easy when you don’t have to fight yourself into it every day.

5. Create a study environment

What to do when you don’t feel like studying? Choose a location that you will specifically use when studying. Organize your study table and keep your notes, textbooks and writing tools well arranged. Being well-organized is very vital for getting yourself to study when you don’t feel like it. This will be part of your study routine. You will get up every day knowing that you’re going to go sit at your study environment and study efficiently.

6. Think about why you’re studying

It always works to remember why you study. If you study, you’re going to get good grades. Motivation is never really consistent. You have to keep motivating yourself to study every single day. You can check out hashtags and get inspired by all the people dedicating time to studying.

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7. Remember the last time you didn’t study and got bad grades

The formula is simple. Studying = good grades. If you don’t study, you can’t be too sure about getting good results. Getting bad grades is painful. I remember all the times I would get back my test papers with bad grades, I would swear up and down about how I would study every day until my next test. That initial feeling of seeing your terrible marks is what you need to visualize. This will help you to study even when you don’t feel like.

8. Meditate

How To Study When You Don't Feel Like: Meditate

When your mind is cluttered, it’s going to be hard for you to study. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and explore your mind. Why do you not feel like studying? You just might find the answer within your own mind. There might be something bothering you that you need to fix. I recommend using guided meditation to go deep within and figure out why you are having trouble studying.

9. Just start

Don’t overthink. Just start. Just get going with your assignment or your chapter. Start raw and unorganized. You need to remove any mental resistance or doubt.

So, do not think and wait for some amazing idea to start. You will most probably get demotivated even before studying. Starting imperfect is better than a blank page.

Developing a routine with habits like these will make you a more responsible and managed student.

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Final Thoughts

You like it or not, but studying is and will always be an integral part of your life, no matter what career you choose in life. Even sportsperson need to study about the technical aspects of sports. So it’s best to admit the reality and start studying.

You have to put your need to get good grades above your current state of mind. Even when you don’t feel like it, push yourself. Make it easier to study. Set smaller goals. Motivate yourself and meditate.

I hope you benefited from this post on how to study even when you don’t feel like it.

How To Study When You Don’t Feel Like

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