Highest Paying Jobs without Degree

Have you ever wondered ‘what are the highest paying jobs’ which can secure a spot for you in that top 5% of the population in terms of wealth. Such a cliché question. You certainly would have pondered enough over that. But now let me tweak the question a bit. Have you ever thought ‘which are the highest paying jobs in the world without a degree?’

Well, sounds quite imaginary, after all how can a person in this competitive world even earn without a degree.But I would take immense pride in telling you why are you wrong. Don’t worry I won’t blame you for not knowing this. It’s not your fault after all, as such options don’t quite pop-up in the society. But now as you know that there are some ways of making great money even without a degree, let’s explore the options one by one.

1. Stock Market Investor

Stock market investment

Stock markets is a proven way of earning money. All you need is some money to start with and then if your instincts are right on point, you would soon find yourself with enough money to live well if not lavishly. This particular job doesn’t require any kind of degree and can be even started while being in the school.

A stock market investor however needs a lot of patience and had to be great at handling success. Also you must be able to accept profits and losses alike. While this job doesn’t need any degree, you certainly have to study and that too continuously. You have to analyse different stocks, read charts, predict market mood and finally be very patient to wait for the right time.

While there is no limit as to how much a stock market investor might earn, the general trends is quite positive. An average investor might very well earn anything between $15,000 to $30,000 per annum depending upon your skill and luck. You may even start investing in cryptocurrencies which has great potential. To start your journey in cryptocurrencies read our post on ‘Best Cryptocurrencies to invest‘.

2. Ethical Hacker

Hacking as emerged as a very preferred field for people with technical skills. In recent times the demand for ethical hackers has spurred with the supply being deficit leading to high pay outs to all the available ethical hackers.

While to be an ethical hacker one needs a certification from the authorized authority there is no need of any sort of degree in this profession. Even a certificate would not be required if you can prove your worth. This job totally depends upon the level of your skills.

The job profile requires that you are well-versed with all the aspects of data protection. You must be able to find faults and lapses in the security system and should be able to expose all potential back doors that might be used by the black-hat hackers for security breach. So, the best part is you are paid handsomely just to create nuisance of course in a controlled environment.

Talking of the salary, as I mentioned earlier this job is totally skill based and so is the salary. An average ethical earns easily above $150,000 per annum and believe this figure will shoot much more rapidly as compared to any other profession when your experience and skills increase.

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3. Youtuber

The next best available option is being a Youtuber. This is really a great choice to consider as being a youtuber requires the minimum investment and could be done without any profession degree.

To be a Youtuber, you need to create such content that adds value to the viewers. It must either solve their problem, make them laugh, be insightful or motivate them. Creating such content is not easy but once you get rolling you can really achieve great heights.

With the rise of the entire creator economy, Youtube is now viewed as a sustainable source of making an earning. If you think that you can attract people, be consistent and have patience then you may surely try your luck.

Remuneration in case of Youtube varies greatly. There are some Youtubers who are able to make more than a million dollars just through the adsense while some may not be able to even cover their production cost. The pay also varies according to the region your views come from, the niche of your channel and also on the basis of your watch time. However, the brand deals have buttressed the creators to prosper.

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4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Till recently, affiliate marketing was seen as a good source of passive income but it was never thought that it could one day become a full fledged job and that too without the need of a degree. With the online shopping culture booming across the globe, affiliate marketing now stands tall as a great way of making a living.

Affiliate marketing is basically a process of leveraging your social position to sell others products. This means that you are suppose to sell others product by way of advertising it on the internet and as a sales is made through your referral you earn a portion of the sales as commission.

Affiliate marketing is generally done by way of running Facebook and Google advertisements, writing blogs and there recommending products or you may even make videos on Youtube whereby you provide links to some recommended products related to your content.

Like said before, the income through affiliate marketing totally depends on you and that the income can be quite inconsistent. If you are reliable figure on the internet and people prefer to take your recommendations then you can very well earn anything above $70,000 per annum. On average, a decent affiliate marketer earns $25,000 to $35,000 per annum.

There much more opportunities as affiliate marketing. You may read our post on ‘8 Best Passive Income Ideas’ to know more about such sources of earnings.

5. Modelling

This might not be a very obvious option for many, but modelling certainly pays well if you have what it take to be a good model. Modelling could be a very enjoyable job if you like to be in the lime light all the time.

Models live a very lavish life and what they get for just one shoot is much more than many people’s entire months salary. To be a model, you must need to look good, that’s for sure, but additionally, you must know how to conduct yourself in the public, maintain and groom yourself regularly, give up your favorite food and much more sacrifices.

However, this particular job is quite uncertain. You might get a dozen of shows in a particular month while you may end up with nothing the other month. So, can’t be quite sure about your income. You have to be quite consistent in terms of interacting with people on social media, networking and taking up whatever projects come your way because you would like to be visible to different fashion designers and brands to approach you for a shoot.

But all this is certainly worth the money the job offers. Typically, a model gets $10,000 for a single shoot and this amount fluctuates based on your demand among brands. One thing which is certain is that if become successful here then you need not do anything your entire life.

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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

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